Food as Medicine: Empowering patients through nutrition education and food resources

At the Be Well Nutrition Education Program we empower patients through nutrition education & resources to help increase access to fresh, nourishing and culturally relevant food. We recognize nourishment on a mind, body, spirit level & focus on meeting patients where they are at.

We hope to develop the program over time to include a full library of resources accessible in different formats and languages, a kitchen tool library, monthly group cooking classes, a free grocery store and meal prep service. We will also partner with local farms to make fresh, local food more accessible to our patients

Nourishment happens on all levels.

The Food Empowerment Program is a multifaceted program that focuses on making Chinese Medical Nutrition food education + resources accessible for the community. 

Our program offers one on one sessions with a Holistic Medical Nutritionist. 

These sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis, $5-$100 (50% pay less than $20/visits)

Sessions may consist of support with:

  • Food/lifestyle based changes, 
  • Meal planning/budgeting,
  • Recipes, 
  • Cooking classes, 
  • SNAP application assistance 
  • Resources to help increase access to fresh food.
deaf and hard of hearing community sign language services

Providing equitable access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Our current initiative is to facilitate access to acupuncture of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Community in the greater Portland, Oregon region. There are significant barriers to holistic health care for this community – the primary one is language.

Be Well Holistic Health is the only holistic medical clinic focused on providing equitable access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.

Please consider supporting Teamworks International and Be Well Holistic Health by donating to the fund to establish and pay for Professional Certified American Sign Language Medical Interpreting.

The gift of even one session could make a significant impact.

Deaf people experience illness and depression just like hearing people do, but communication barriers prevent diagnosis and treatment, resulting in negative outcomes. When providers do not have the skills to communicate effectively with Deaf patients, pressing health issues may not be identified or discussed, which can obscure other problems or illnesses.

Professional Interpreting is critical in a healthcare setting. Be Well Holistic Health is groundbreaking in our commitment to make acupuncture accessible to this community.

The cost to hire a professional certified medical interpreter for one  session ranges between $55-$140.

To learn more access barriers to alternative medical care for the Deaf/HoH community, read this here.

In addition to owning Be Well Holistic Health, Dessa is the Executive Director of a 501c3 non-profit, TeamWorks International (NPI 20-2629300). The mission of TeamWorks International is to build healthy and lasting relationships through a paradigm of service that is based on partnering with people to positively impact communities.

Our objectives include:

  • Collaborating the strengths and resources of community members for the purpose of holistic community development
  • The practice of a philosophy that addresses education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and environmental preservation
  • Promoting relationships that facilitate learning and dialogue in the areas of sustainability, peace studies, and culture

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